The First Yogi Training Course That Tackles The Exact Things You Need To
Get More Clients, Build Your Brand, Business And Lead Retreats Quickly

Can you imagine?
  • Spending your days exactly doing what you want vs running in overwhelm or confused what your next steps are?
  •  Feeling like you're chasing clients vs having them reach out to you?
  •  What your ideal day, life look and feel like? (but you're just NOT sure how the heck to get there...)
  •  Seeing your ideas turn into reality?
  •  Getting the results you want without getting stuck with technology or things that just aren't working?
  •  And honestly... you just want someone WHO GETS YOU! (I know this feeling...)
If anything from the list resonated... keep reading!
Do you want to live from purpose with a profitable conscious business model that reflects your soul
 or  live from need and lacking the basic things you preach about?
What if...
  • You could reach more people and create a larger impact with your business?
  • You could make more money doing what you love without selling out & burning out?
  • You could create a business model that supports your strengths and passions?
Would you?
  • Take risks knowing they are worth while?
  • Move into a place of unlimited growth with the right guidance?
  • Sacrifice our comfort zone to explore other options?
  • Surrender to a greater vision, faith and power?
Imagine having your time back, manifesting your dreams, having fulfillment every step of the way & making a massive impact... let's make some sh*t happen yes?
Does this sound like you:
Excited to know how it feels to be more successful & step into YOUR POWER?
An easy step by step, proven system to give you the tools to create a more profitable yoga biz without adding more classes or opening a studio! 
All you need is the desire and skills... nice right?
  •  Instant Access to ALL the courses! Yup - Super Yogi Academy, Profitable Retreats & From Now To Wow Branding!
  •  6 Months Of Mentorship!!! - HUGE HUGE BONUS 
  •  You get audio and video trainings, worksheets and bonus trainings!
  •  Super Yogi Academy is for yogis ready to make shift happen! Mindset is king!
  •  You'll have a retreat planned, a business plan create AND be totally in your POWER doing what you love. YAY!!!
Who this is for?
  • Super Yogi Academy is designed for the yogi, coach, holistic service provider who is ready to step into her vision of what she wants. This program will teach you WHY TO HAVE A BIGGER VISION IS KEY, with systems that support it and how to create an attractive lifestyle.
  • You'll learn 1st hand with me, Arianne, who's expertise in business, digital marketing & branding will take you step by step on creating your ideal biz. 
  • This is a self-study course with mentorship for you who have the desire to move forward and motivated. 
  • Go at your own pace and know there is an amazing support at your fingertips.
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world!
Thank you! After taking this course my eyes opened to possibilities I had no idea about. I led my first full retreat to Bali and started my teacher training. Now I mentor Yogis, have 2 more retreats and my DoTerra Business is flourishing and I OWN A YOGA STUDIO :) Thanks Ari! I now can sustain and flourish.
- Alina Flor, AcroBabe
I've been a massage therapist and  teacher for almost 10 years and finally I can have a brand that resonates with what and how I do things.
I broke 5 figures last month alone!!!
 I've let go of classes and smaller things that kept me busy in order to attain my bigger goals. Ari helped me stay focused and finally I took the plunge and got accepted to offer National CEU's for the courses I offer! 
I never could've gone this far without Bizzy Yogi - LEVA MASSAGE
The Super Yogi Academy is a 3 course bundle that includes the Super Yogi Biz Course, Yoga Retreat Guru & Your Inner Guru
YUP - It's an entire BUNDLE! Three of these courses who've helped yogis reach their goals, get inspired and take action together as 1 with BUILT IN MENTORSHIP!!!
You not only get tools for mindset, but also actionable steps to move forward and upward
Take charge of your life & business with my proven tools & systems that have worked for many!

Check EACH out with descriptions on what you get inside below: 👇🏾
What you get inside 
Super Yogi Biz Academy

MODULE 1: Welcome To You - Welcome to yourself: Who you are! Your purpose & mission. Being your own boss is hard sometimes... Self-care & looking ahead! Vision & Goals. 
We think we know... yet do you take the time to actually sit and go beyond your own limits? 

This is a MUST.
MODULE 2: Your Clients.  Let's get some clients yes? But who are they? Where do they hang out? What do they do... Let's find the IDEAL ones and have a mindset for success!

One of the best steps towards having clarity in your effort. This is the magical unicorn of business direction.
MODULE 3: MONEY (yes it's in ALL CAPS and YES it's So important!) Adios old money stories of lack. Hello Lakshmi goddess of abundance! Mantras, mindset, strategies all related around how you see your money, how you use it and why it's so freaking important to be friends with money. 

Just sayin' when's the last time you went to the store and bought groceries and paid with something other than cash or credit? YUP. Oh and did you ask for a discount for the kale? Didn't think so. 
MODULE 4: Bizzness & You! Business 101. What things mean, why they apply to your growth as an entrepreneur. Basics that aren't so basic :) 

This is where you stop undervaluing & pricing yourself. YUP. ARRET! PARA! STOP! I get you, I used to say to myself who am I? Imposter syndrome sometimes bit me like a bug. We make this all feel really good inside you.
MODULE 5: Pricing & Sales - Price your services the right way and let go of the beliefs that prevent you from being premium!!!

The biggest and most important aspect of business is sales & marketing. Here we focus on sales! Why to love them and why they are so important. By the way sales isn't shady. It's service!

Price your services, sell your services and make it all be authentic. Sounds good yes?
MODULE 6: Intro To Branding - You didn't go to school and learned HOW to be a graphic designer... well I DID! Let's save you money on graphics and empower you to step into FUN and CREATIVE times ahead. 
We'll also talk about your website- tips and tricks to make your site work for you... not the other way around!
MODULE 7: Growth & Abundance - The second biggest piece for growing your brand... is marketing! Let's go deeper into design theory that applies directly to you as a marketer. YOU ARE A MARKETER (new mantra OK?)

Does that feel kinda weird - I make sure you feel really comfy with HOW to put yourself out there and why it's so important to do so. The more people know who you are... the more you get to give yourself to them. Ahhhhh... more yogis spreading their word. Life is perfect. 
MODULE 8: Your Digital World & Life - Now that we have all the pieces, let's tie it all together into a cohesive message and put it out there. Let's celebrate mile stones.
Let's learn about funnels and how they can grow your business :) 

Oh yeah... Facebook ads 101. Life saver.
Now go get em yogis!!! 
"This is liquid gold"

I am loving the online courses. Already lots of shifts from the first module. I know my path & how to move forward with a plan. I am so happy I joined as am ready to take my business teaching & running retreats to the next level. This course is liquid gold! Karelin Alva, Yoga Teacher & Online-preneur, Mexico

Leah Kinsella

Arianne helped me create a brand I love, move from teaching over 30 hourly based classes to creating my first successful retreat in ireland! I have more time and love the freedom I have to travel and keep growing my business.
Life Coach & Meditation Teacher

Carine LeMaitre

By working with Arianne I have doubled my earnings in my Ayurvedic practice, have a higher retention rate and am leading better retreats!
Ayurvedic Doctor, Shaman & Yogini
What you get inside Yogi Retreat Guru

MODULE 1: Gypsy Within - You want to travel, see the world and take people on journeys inside and outside. Get into some cool mindset shifts, what to expect and more!
Get moving towards your retreat mindset and get excited!
MODULE 2: Overview & Marketing - Your foundations for the retreat - ideas, plans and more. Super helpful for organizing your ideas and seeing what they look like on paper. The possibilities are endless. Get EVERYTHING mapped out in order to sell the retreat.
MODULE 3: Details & Logistics - Adios Overwhelm! - Get your done for you location finder!
We focus on some details here to make your search for the perfect retreat center a breeze, to help you on logistical details that can overwhelm sometimes and ask those important questions: when, where, and what!

MODULE 4: How To Price & Sell -  This is key! Learn to create a pricing structure that works for you & your audience. Most people undersell themselves and underprice. Remember value driven offers and packages are easier to get enrollment for. Enjoy this module!
MODULE 5: Launch & Celebrate - create a structure that works for you & your audience. Most people undersell themselves and underprice. Also self care is key here and creating a schedule that makes you and your students happy.

Use my systems & strategies to create, optimize, & market your biz!
5 steps to a happy, well organized retreat with lots of great extras inside the course! 

This is where you create and launch a PROFITABLE retreat. 
Talk about freedom & travel with a healthy business backend!
($597 value)
What you get inside Your Inner Guru

BINDU is sometimes referred to as a type of consciousness or the transition point into pure consciousness. The letters stand for each aspect of the self and how we transform.
Believe. Inertia. Now. Doing. Unify.

 Bindu is the internal point of convergence of the yogic practices of meditation, mantra, contemplation and prayer. This is the focus on how we work together.
Connect you to your inner teacher who guides you and opens possibilities for your present and future. 
It's full of power that leads you to your center.
Enjoy the teaching and know you are your own guide and have it ALL inside!
But wait... there's more! BONUS TIME :)
6 Months of Mentoring With Arianne
We'll go over your goals and visions and create a plan and strategy on HOW to get there! This call will keep you busy with action items to move your business and brand forward.

LIVE Monthly Calls & a monthly audible reviewing your material in our private FB Group

Vault of Master Speakers
Learn from industry's TOP instructors & coaches on how to build an international business, a brand that sticks, online following and more! This info is priceless!

The Free Instagram Masterclass
3 Secrets To Gain 1,000 Instagram Followers in 30 Days WITHOUT Ads, An Existing Audience, or Press. 
Perfect for your growth on social media with strategy!
Elise has over 80K followers and helps you grow - quickly!
Sell Like A Mutha!
Renee Hribar, top sales and most fun person ever shares her secrets on how to sell with authenticity, be tenacious with love and have FUN! ($399 value) Over 25 years of experience in the sales world. 
I worked with her and my revenue grew.

1 Payment of...
or 12 payments of $108
  • 6 MONTHS OF MENTORSHIP!!! We will work together for 6 months making sure you're held accountable and keep moving!
  • The 3 Course Bundle - Super Yogi Biz, Retreat Guru, Your Inner Guru Programs
  • Marketing material reviews and audibles - you drop me a note and I review and give feedback 1x / mth in the group
  • PDF worksheets, done for you landing page templates & scripts
  • BONUS: Instagram Master Class 0-1000 in 30 days
  • BONUS: Expert Speakers VAULT of really valuable info (how to create an international movement? check!)
  • BONUS: Special Sales Training By Renee Hribar (she's a BADASS!)
  • BONUS: 1-1 VIP Call with Arianne & 6 Months of Group Mentoring
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After working with Ari on my new brand, we decided to re-do my old dated website that didn't reflect what I did. She nailed it on the head with the feel, flow and now I'm getting more clients with better functionality!
So, how does it work?
You WANT to do the work. Nothing happens unless you sit your butt down (maybe in lotus), do the work.

Nothing is overnight also. It takes time and your (you know what I'm going to say...- VISION!)

I guide you, you make it happen, you have questions, I answer them and voila!
  •  Align your spirit with your mission. 
  •  Move from a place of purpose
  •  Get deeper into your life's journey
  •  Plan a business from your soul
  •  Sequence a life and business you love
  •  Create abundance in ways you didn't think were possible
  •  Welcome a tribe you want to lead
  •  Monetize your ideas & take action
  •  Increase your earning potential 
Manifest With Words
Keep your ideas alive, speak them and set that intention. Universe listens!
Write Down Your Dreams!
Grab your journal and know those who write their goals have 90% more success rate at completion!
Be a Guru of Your Time
Your ability to use time wisely, commit and not be a all over the place WILL bring abundance.
About Arianne Om
Yogi Soul, Creative Mind, Wanderluster & Supporter of Dreams!

There is nothing more exciting to me than finding passion and being free to travel and work anywhere. I’m excited and honored to have created Bizzy Yogi, an platform for creative gypsy souls like US find OUR voice and business, so that WE can create a bigger impact in the world.

People know me as a mover, a quick thinking solution based yogini. They say you're so busy... YUP because I'm in LOVE with what I do!

As the owner of 3 businesses, I know how not only to feel good about what I am doing, helping others grow and step up, but also gives me a sense of purpose. 

The moment I decided to invest in myself, my business skills, opportunities opened up I had never imagined!

 I own & run a 3000 person yoga conference called The Yoga Expo, am the president of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce & I run trainings and retreats worldwide - and guess what it all connects back to who I am! I love what I do and who I do it for. 
Isn't it time you felt abundantly happy too? 

Whatever your path may be right now, know I am committed to creating a radical shift in your life, your business and your spiritual and physical growth and reconnect with the divine essence in you
Some FAQ's:
Do you have payment plans? YES! Monthly plans or PayPal Financing
I don't have a lot of time to do this? You put in as much time as you want! All the online courses are at your own pace and all the calls are recorded just in case. 
How do I you the ?'s on the calls if I'm at work? We have a super easy system where I email you 2 days before with a form you fill out so I make sure to address the issue then send the recording!
Do I have to finish the 6 months? The work is up to you, but yes we will be together for 6 months as per our agreement :) 
What if I don't have an idea? You will grow, learn and I am good at pulling ideas and making them come alive!
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